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I like the 2-bit style, from the GIFs, it is a bit hard to differentiate liquid/water and land :)

can't wait for the sequel!

 here is part two of the video I made last week hope you guys enjoy!!!

Part one of me playing this amazing game and i cant wait to post part 2. 

Really cool game so far i can't wait for the sequel!


Made another video


Made a video

BG color of this page should be black

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Will there be any chance to play on mobile?

Maybe, I've thought about it but not sure how I'll deal with the player input lol. Not given up on it yet though

it looks really fun, i wish there was a free demo  version


Heavy downwell vibes, it looks amazing!


This game was awesome, and the soundtrack was amazing. My friend made a video on it if you wanna check it out! 


Absolutely brilliant! A very short experience but every minute was enjoyable. Well worth the minimum asking price!


It is an awesome game to play after a stressful day of work. Despite of being a game of 30 min to 1 hour of full gameplay, the overpowered skills, the artwork and music are really catching and makes this game an intense action-adventure game. Really a great game to give it a try!


it looks awesome

Hi! I wanted to ask before buying if it is compatible with gamepads?

It is!

Did you use the Pixel Perfect Camera component in this game?

I did :)


Such a fun adventure even though I didn't realize how to optimally use my abilities until it was over haha


Still, you did beat the boss! I'm surprised you survived haha.

Cheers for the playthrough!


i love the aesthetic of the game for sure its super super cool but im interested to hear about the influence from downwell here, i actually thought you where the same dev that released downwell haha


Cheers! I'm not the dev of Downwell no haha, but the game itself is definitely a huge inspiration. Personally I just really loved the style and wanted to do my take on it. 

The low resolution + having limited colors made it very efficient to make art, which is great since I made the game alone. However to my surprise, I also learned a lot about readability & designing memorable locations which turned out be really difficult.

It also helped shed some light with new game design approaches I haven't touched before, which are in this case skills with dual purposes (combo, synergy with attacks etc. with the use of one button)

Not sure this was what you asked for when you said hearing about the influence but there you go haha



Très bon jeu! Il aurait pus être plus long pour plus de plaisir!

very nice

Couldn't find the 4th key :/


what is "god-like" mean?

very hard


This was a really good game. I am really looking forward to seeing what you make later on. Good Job!


Wow, it is interesting game, I like it. Boss was cool made. Not so hard but not so easy.



Very well done, got hooked. Looking forward to the sequel!


I loved it. The music is great and it has a little of undertale kinda vibe (still learning english)


Saw you post this game on the discord. I am super impressed so far. Only had time to play for a little bit but it feels really good to play. Also, the music is REALLY good, I might play it more just to hear it again.

Giving this away, even for a limited time, is an absolute steal.


Very happy to hear, cheers!