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The FPS Adventure where you're challenged to explore God Damn's World, and ultimately become the successor of Badass Heaven.

GOD DAMN THE GARDEN challenges you to face the trial of Skeleton Bastard, which tests whether or not you're worthy of becoming the next king of Badass Heaven.

In a vast underworld, find a way to escape from the mysterious depths of God Damns World by fighting your way past aggressive creatures.

Obtain ammunition from plants to grow yourself stronger, and find the ultimate weapon to help you ascend from the depths.

  • Fast-paced shooting action against cursed looking animals
  • Badass boss fights with cool original soundtrack
  • Really dumb dialogue
  • Explore the mysterious depths of God Damns World
  • Capybaras
  • Cool gore

God Damn The Garden is also available on Steam!

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Also available for listen on my Youtube playlist

God Damn The Garden is a game made by Agelvik

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Enemies does a cartoony gore splatter when they die.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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the fish is mood


How do i play the duck


You can't currently rebind the "Interact" key.

I like to use F in my movement keys, but once I do that I can't interact with anything else.


The Name Offends My Grandmother , But Damn-It!  I think I might Play this one!  lol


Good game


This is a great game and I wish I heard about this sooner. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont


thank you for this wonderful game 


cool and hard