Road Doom - Version 1.2.1 is out!


It's been an awesome week, thanks to all who tested the game and provided me with your feedback! I've made lots of changes this week which I'm excited to hear from you about. There's not many major changes, mostly minor tweaks and fixes here and there. One major change however is related to colors, so for those who played in the previous version will definitely notice a change. Trailer, screenshots and profile picture of the game is a little outdated, but I'll fix this in the near future!

For the next update I plan to make the tutorial over again so players who's not interested about having an the epic dialogue with BOAT can have the option to skip it and dive right into the game! With that said, let's D I V E into the changelog.

Changelog v1.2.1:


  • Re-designed main character from red to white
  • Hitbox of player is visible
  • Tweaked colors on all enemies + several other sprites


  • Buffed Player Standard Shoot from dealing 3 to 4
  • Tweaked an attack pattern from Rival_3
  • Nerfed bullet emission from enemy death on HAHAHA difficulty
  • Nerfed Player Life Chances from 9 to 4 on Very Easy and 4 to 3 on Easy
  • Nerfed Purple Alien enemy health by 10%


  • Delayed vulnerability time when Horus skill deactivates
  • UI should now scale correctly when relaunching the application
  • Added resolution 2560×1440 and 3840×2160
  • Player becomes invulnerable for a few seconds after using "Revive"
  • Doom orbs are now placed  left and right of the main character
  • Renamed "Quit" to "Main Menu" in game over screen
  • Keyboard/Controller Layout is now displaying correct inputs in the "Controls" screen
  • Player health is restored upon a new level in difficulty Very Easy and Easy. However in Normal, Hard and HAHAHA it does not. This is also warned about before selecting a difficulty
  • Adjusted game sounds
  • Added a red outline to worlds you haven't reached yet (Skill tree screen)
  • You can no longer take damage from enemy bullets after it's been reflected by you
  • And additional minor minor stuff...

Ok that's that! 

Special hanks to following for commenting/giving feedback this week:
Martin Skalstad Steen, Tom-Ivar Arntzen, Marcelo Burgos, Cheli, blastsick 32, bekb, GDWC, P0wderF1nger

Cryptic Hybrid



  • Forgot to disable some stuff lol


  • Nerfed the Void King's health by 33%
  • One bullet type didn't have the new changes I implemented by some reason :thinking:
  • Increased baby green aliens health by 25%


RoadDoom_v121b (64-bit) 42 MB
Jul 31, 2018

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