Road Doom - Updated Trailer, Screenshots & 32-bit Build


The time for release is near, and because of that I've updated the trailer and some screenshots so it matches how the game looks like now, which is kind of important lol. Previous video wasn't much of a trailer, more like a little showcase, so was a big deal to get that changed.

In addition, I'm a scrub and didn't think of making a 32-bit build of the game up until now, and had only a 64-bit build available for you guys, how epic is that, oof... But! It's here now, full of life and glory and all that good stuff! So for all you 32-bit users out there, Road Warrior and Boat is waiting for you in-game.

That's that! Have fun :)


RoadDoom_v121b (32-bit) 41 MB
Aug 03, 2018
RoadDoom_v121b (64-bit) 42 MB
Jul 31, 2018

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